Saturday, 27 June 2015

Breslau Public Meeting on School Proposal - July 8, 2015

This meeting will be hosted and facilitated by the Breslau Task Force.  We are 100% committed to hosting an evening where everyone feels welcome and feels heard.  We have been directed by council to solicited as much feedback from residents as possible.  The task force debated significantly on how to best solicit feedback as we considered canvassing Breslau, an online survey, telephone interviews,  as well as other methods.  Due to cost, feasibility and potential problems with the representativeness of the results we decided that another public meeting would be the best way to get the information we have been tasked to find out.  The following quote was taken from a Woolwich Observer article this weekend:
“It’s not going to be like an open mic night where people can just sign up and fire off questions, complaints, criticisms, or whatever,” Smith said. “It’s going to be more of small table discussions and really more of an intimate setting where people can share their views, their questions, their concerns in a much more welcoming and respectful environment without the fear of being intimidated by the mob that we had at the first meeting.”
As a task force we have reviewed all the feedback sent to council via emails and letters, we have reviewed the proposals from the township and the school board, next we need to hear from you! Your attendance and participation at this meeting will have a critical impact on how we move forward. This project has been in the public sphere now for several months and we have received very strong feedback both supporting this project and strong feedback opposing it.  Now that much more information is available, we would like to gauge overall support and opposition as it exists now.  We can't do that if people don't talk to us.  Information on the work of the task force has been posted on the townships website.  Regardless of the eventual outcome of this single project we are a community and we have to live and work together.  I hope that this meeting can be the another step to celebrating each other and our community.

Please come out even if you are a quiet person, we will ensure there is a way to hear your voice and your concern / support.  If you would rather submit written comments please use the email  These emails get forwarded directly to the task force for us to consider. I hope to see a large turn out on July 8th; I have been very proud to be a resident of Breslau these last few months.  I have learned more about municipal politics then I ever thought possible as I have seen the good, bad and ugly on both sides of this debate.

Thanks for reading!