Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Breslau Task Force on WCDSB Proposal

This is a video that I put together to try and give some visual perspective to the parkland we are discussing.

First things first

I have created a flyer that you can download and distribute to help spread the word about this blog and about this project.

Task Force first meeting synopsis

Our first meeting was May 14, 2015 and we discussed the plan and expectations for our time together.  I will not be using this blog to write about the discussions of the Task Force as we agreed that details that emerge from task force discussions should be clear and consistent and be made available on the Township of Woolwich web page. I will mention that there was a slight change in the make up of the task force to include 2 members for the project, 2 members against, and 3 members who are undecided.  This a a removal of a representative from the parent council of St. Boniface and an addition of an undecided.  It was a pleasure to meet my other task force members and I was very encouraged by the their willingness to ask the right questions and everyone's open mind on these issues.  All of the dialog was respectful and I look forward to working with this group.  The goal is to have a final report before the last council meeting in June before they have a summer break.  I think this is an aggressive timeline but we will see what can be done.

WCDSB Proposal History and Details

For those of you who are new to this discussion I wanted to use this post to give links back to old posts on this topic to get you caught up on what has been going on.  Granted all of this is through my eyes and my opinion so you can take that as you will.

This is a chronological list of my blog posts
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On approximately February 4, 2015, I started a petition to inform the Township and the WCDSB that residents were opposed to this plan.  At this time there are 248 signatures on the petition, if you are interested in signing you can follow the link below:


I recognize that I started this petition before the first public meeting was even held, however, the signatures continue to grow and here are some examples of comments posted in the last month:

Undeveloped land needs to be used to build the new Catholic School in Breslau, inclusive of a proper traffic plan. The designated green space we have in Breslau needs to be left green! -Tanya 
I support this community in retaining its park space for recreation and community activities. -Geddy
The park and community are central to our small community. I agree with Iva. It cannot be replaced. There is room for a school on undeveloped land. Please keep our park for everyone to enjoy at anytime. -Erin
I believe that the sale of this parkland is only in the interests of the WRCSB and not at all in the interests of the citizens of Breslau nor the Township of Woolwich. Added to this is the fact that this is being sold at an outrageous discount. -Blake
 We value the park space as part of our community and do not agree with it being sold.-Donna
This park land is a part of the Breslau Community and should not be sold for ANY reason!!! -William
Green space is the reason we moved in Breslau and now will become concrete and buildings??? There's so much undeveloped space around Breslau, use that land for the school. -Aida
 I've lived here for 65 years. The park is 70 years old and has always been the center of the community. 4 acres of green in the core of Breslau can never be replaced if a school is built. -Iva

The following is a list of information materials that are available for this proposal:

Finally, I am part of the task force of residents requested by council to look at this proposal.  As part of this task force I want to hear from you.  Obviously, I have put my opinion out here on these posts but I always believe that there is something that I have missed or more that I can learn. I would love for you to contact me at matthewlvandermeer2@gmail.com.  Any details or questions that you can bring to me in this way I will bring o the task force.

Thank you Breslau for your spirit and your community engagement.  The one thing about this proposal that I absolute love is the renewed sense of community that I have experienced in Breslau over the last several months.

Thank you!

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