Thursday, 5 February 2015

Breslau Catholic Elementary School Partnership

I posted a follow up and call to action  to my open letter regarding this project and the township responded by providing me links to more detailed information about the project.  There has been a great response to the petition urging the township to consider a different location, with many residents providing some great questions and concerns.  I have received the criticism that we are all jumping the gun and that we should wait for the public meeting on February 26.  While this may be true, we need to be proactive with how we think about this.  I have included as much information as I could in this post to help residents of Breslau and potential users of the new school understand the project and a bit of development planning for Breslau.

I believe in information and action.  If it turns out that I am way off base and the residents of Breslau believe this is a win for our community then I will welcome the new school. You never know, maybe a school building will block the Saturday night stag and doe party music that we get to enjoy. Personally, I believe that we have better options. I am concerned that allowing this project to go ahead unchecked will result in less community space with restricted access.  I want to ensure that we as a community have facilities that we can access throughout the day and that includes a public library and an indoor recreation space for seniors and parents with young children.  I am very energized by the passion for our community that this project has brought out.  Excellent and respectful debate makes us who we are and I never want to lose that.

Breslau Catholic Elementary School Partnership
Project Information – Township of Woolwich

This announcement signifies our willingness to explore the potential for
partnership with the Waterloo Catholic District School Board to provide
shared services for the community of Breslau.

An integral part of moving forward with a project of this nature is to consult with the community in order to understand the perspectives and best interests of residents of Breslau. We will be holding an Information / Consultation meeting with the public on February 26th , 7:00 pm at the Community Centre in Breslau.

  • The Township of Woolwich recognizes this situation as a unique opportunity to establish a partnership that will enhance and improve public amenities for the residents of Breslau.
  • This partnership allows the Township to re-develop Breslau Park in a manner that would not otherwise be possible through the Township’s operational or capital budgets.
  • Funding gained through the disbursement of surplus park land will be reinvested back into making Breslau Park a more user and community friendly facility.
    • Relocate the lower baseball diamond to provide a buffer between the home run fence and neighbouring homes.
    • New comfort station with change rooms / concession / picnic area - to house mechanical requirements for the Splash Pad,
    • New Zero spillage LED Musco lighting on the lower diamond.
    • Resurface the tennis courts, new lines and fencing.
    • Upgrades to a regulation size Soccer field
    • Multi-use stone dust trail system.
    • Upgrades to the gymnasium to include – sound system, additional basketball nets, floor sockets for additional sport poles, wall padding, and additional storage room.
    • New equipment storage building.
    • Connect to Municipal Sewer and water.- New electrical service.
    • New Accessible playground (in conjunction with Parents Council)
    • Splash Pad (in conjunction with Breslau Lions Club)
    • The extensive growth that has occurred in Breslau over the past decade has established a need for an increase in both services and public facilities to the settlement.
  • New partnerships must be formed and innovative ventures must be considered that pool our resources to facilitate new public infrastructure, services and amenities in our region.
  • Catholic School Board approached Township informally in early 2013 after receiving funding from the Province to replace St Boniface School in Maryhill
    • 2 story school, no higher than the existing gym, with a footprint of 18,836 sq ft on the ground floor and 12,000 sq ft on the upper (room for expansion)
    • 250 student spaces (currently St. Boniface has 120 students)
    • 5000 sq ft shared public library
    • Outdoor classroom / sitting area
    • Outdoor basketball court.
    • WCDSB extended an official expression of interest to the Township in July 2014

New Catholic School Proposal
Thank you Breslau for engaging in respectful debate and dialog.  We are defined by how we treat those who disagree with us.  Let us all be defined well!

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