Thursday, 6 June 2013

Basement reno has paint!

We have finished painted the main areas of the basement and I have finished all the lights and outlets.  My brother was wondering where I was at so I thought I write up another post.

These are the steps leading down into the basement.  The colour is a light taupe, I wish that I would have taken earlier pictures of this area because this wall looks way better then it did before.  It being the basement, many things have gone up and down these stairs and these walls had the marks to show for it.

Turn the corner at the bottom of the stairs and you can see the lights, the camera didn't do so well with the bright lights but you get the idea.  I still am not quite sure how I am going to finish off the ceiling, but we will tackle that later.

This is the main area of the basement with the toy area on the left and the TV area on the right.  The toy area has to pot lights in the ceiling and the TV area has 4 pot lights and 4 wall sconces on different switches.  The sconces are dimmable to provide better movie watching lighting.

After all the paint was on the walls (and going back to fix a few spots) I give my mudding sanding a B+.  A few spots I wish were better but over all I am happy with the job.The next big challenge will be working out all the fixtures in the bathroom.  We have all the pieces I just need to put them all together (and make sure they don't leak).

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