Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Where does my food come from

Growing up on a farm we always understood the concept of growing food.  I enjoy attempting to keep that concept close to home.  Here is a picture of our little vegetable garden.

In the planter box ont he right we have a pretty successful strawberry plant that the boys enjoy checking out wuite often.  We planted it this spring and hope that is re-seeds for next year.

Our rhubarb plant is probably the one we use the most throughout the summer as my wife enjoys to make baked good with it.  I also enjoy a raw stick or rhubarb as well.  It reminds me of cutting grass growing up.  I used to grab a piece out of the plant as I pushed the mower by it.

The pink flowery stuff is oregano which turns out is quite a successfull weed (I mean plant).  We haven't been so successfull with harvesting and drying it but we keep trying.  We have enough of it.

The tomato plants are tied up to the deck railing in the back.  Those will hopefully be used for some salsa when they ripen up.

The garden is green but the grass infront of it is not doing so well.  I think this means I need a bigger garden.

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